Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Be There

As I begin to live into the year 2010 I notice myself wanting to send down deeper roots.  I want to be there and be square: that is settled in the moment with full attention.  It is not as easy as it sounds.  

Distractions are endless, not always coming from outside: from the telephone, from email, from those with whom I live (even the cat!).  Distractions also come from an inward urge to flutter in the air of thoughts and fancies, without landing, like those white butterflies in summer.

What would landing feel like?  Landing would feel heavier, slower, and fuller.  The weight would be my sense of being there, landed, no longer a butterfly, but a rooted plant, growing into a tree. 

I might start with giving up on multi-tasking for one day.  It is the need to multi-task, to juggle all the apples in the air that has uprooted me.  I am done with butterfly mode this month.  There are many things to complete.  Some of the completion has to do with the work of writing.

Soon I will be offering a novel on a print-on-demand site.  I will offer more information on this in the next posting.  I am very excited about sharing the fruit of five years' work with the world.

Nothing wrong with butterflies, but I want to sink my roots deep this year.

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