Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Am I a Snowflake or Just a Flake?

Everyone is unique and uniquely wonderful, in God's doting and creative eyes they are. People as unique as snowflakes. This is an ideal I uphold, to honor others. So why am I teetering on the edge this winter?

The edge I feel is the edge between accepting and exception.  Should I accept everything someone does, or should I make an exception?  Should I create a boundary that says very clearly, "Dear (or not so dear) one, you have gone too far!"

How important am I in the greater scheme of things?  Perhaps not important at all.  Perhaps I should let go of the end of my rope and just free fall.

Acceptance and Exception.

I am feeling the need for exceptions because I am not honoring myself.

I am not important in the greater scheme of things, but in my own little world it is important that I hang on.  Winter is a good time to begin protecting the boundaries that help me rediscover my hopes and dreams.  Winter is a good time to reflect upon where I end and others begin.

Where I end is a good place to begin.

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