Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Day After Groundhog Day

Every day we wake up, much like the groundhog, wondering if we'll see a shadow: wondering if existence is enough.  I'd like to venture that, whether or not you cast a shadow on Groundhog Day, or any other day, you are enough.

You are enough.  It doesn't matter if you made your mark, or not.  It matters that you find a way to joy and then share it with someone or something living.  It is the purpose of living, as far as this February Day is allowing me to see it.

If you haven't found your joy - why not?  What cloud is in the way?  And when you know why, there's one more thing...

Like the psychologist in Goodwill Hunting (remember that movie?), I'd like to tell you this - "It's not your fault! It's not your fault! It's not your fault!"  And, furthermore, it doesn't matter whose fault it is.  We are not reliving the past.  We are living.

We are beginning a new day.  What will you do?

What might a new day look like if you did whatever you'd do if there were no one to blame, no one to please, and nothing to hold you down?

That, my friends, is the way I want to wake up, crawl out of my hole, and cast my own LIGHT - the day after Groundhog Day.

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  1. this is beatiful Claire and has given me such a lift


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