Friday, May 15, 2009

Jim and I are facing more hard trials which we cannot name in a public blog.  Those of you who know and love us can enquire privately, by phone or email and we will fill you in, gladdened by the sound of your beloved voices.

There may be good things coming for each one of us adventurers. Those things are not visible clearly now. This is the stretch of the story, where The Reader is turning the pages quickly and full of suspense for the main characters.  Those people are Jim and I (and many others).  Characters who have just begun the ascent of a steep and perilous pass. The weather is inclement and the visibility is poor.  

For awhile, fraught with vulnerability, we will be clinging to the sides and inching our way along. Later, having gained confidence and wisdom from the little stumbles that didn't result in utter destruction, as well as the long stretches of competent hiking, we will loosen our grip until we are making our way hands free.  Soon we will be helping others who attempt the same ascent.  When we reach our destination there will be such rejoicing and welcome.

Wait and see!  Until then, pass along our need for prayer to the spring breeze, the sunshine and the leaping hopeful greenness emerging on every hill.  Toss our name about in happy conversation, remembering our small goodness and many foibles with gentle laughter.  If you think of it, send a note or an email of encouragement, or even a blog comment for cheer.  It is like food for the imperiled hiker, to remember that she is loved and that friends are there.

In the end, it is always love that matters most.  Love and faith, and the truth, which can be hard to bear, and must always be protected with utter tenderness.

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