Thursday, January 1, 2009

Staying up All Night

Oh, New Year's is the Day of Wild Parties.  I stayed up working.  So, I have to tell you Happy New Year on a blog; that's the kind of girl I am.  I prefer New Year's Day to Eve.  I want to dance on the couch, though.  I would go to a New Year's party if I could dance on the couch.  (See the photo?  Doesn't it look like fun?) It is!

I used to dance on the couch when I was a child and jump onto the ottoman and to the chair on the other side of the TV.  This, of course, I did when my mother and father were gone.  It is best to dance on the couch without parents watching.

I don't see any parents in the above picture.  I do believe parents have spoiled most New Year's Eve parties.  That is why I don't go to them.  I am a parent of two sons.  I have the ability now to stop people from dancing on couches.

I find that ability daunting.  I mean, how do I know what fun I might be stopping, simply because I am a parent?  People might have happily danced on couches everywhere I've been lately, except for my presence.  Perhaps I should make a New Year's Resolution to dance on the couch FIRST thing, wherever I go, so as not to stop others from enjoying this splendid pastime.

Do me a favor.  Try dancing on your couch at least once.  Do it alone, while your parents aren't watching and let me know what you think. HAPPY NEW YEAR.


  1. you're a parent and i'm a son. My idea of the perfect new years is to be in bed (sober) by 11, then wake up early and watch the sun rise. did we switch roles?


    now don't get me wrong i intend to do my share of couch dancing and beer drinking on other occasions, but new years... i'd rather go to bed early.

  2. My idea of a perfect new years is to stay up all night drinking lots of beer and jumping through a snowman naked at the stroke of midnight just so that I can be the first person of the year to do that.

    Unfortunately there was no snow this year in Tokyo and the alternative was unpleasant.


  3. Tim,
    If it snowed you could build a snow couch and dance on it.
    Hope your New Year is Happy.


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