Monday, December 29, 2008

Frustrating Widget Crisis!

Due to a widget crisis in cyberspace I canceled and rebuilt this blog.  It's ugly, but it works for now.  When I tried to make it beautiful, apparently the widgets started wearing thin and oozed out into the next door blog, which at the time was dedicated to Mariah Carey, the pop star.  I guess she needed my meager allowance of widgets more than I did.  

Further frustration descended today when my font colors would mysteriously edit themselves and even my gender on my profile!  I began to feel as if I were Alice on the wrong side of the looking glass.  Curiouser and curiouser.  The only thing to do was to keep fidgeting the widgets.

Then my kind blog-followers disappeared; perhaps, they didn't want to be associated with me any longer, since all my widgets had absconded to Mariah's fan blog and every time I tried to fix my blog, they were notified about the smallest changes on their email.  Must have been as annoying as the Viagra spam I get...  
So! I've started again with an ever optimistic heart and nothing to say, but Happy New Year.  I promise, when I finally catch up with celebrating Christmas (cancelled due to snowstorm) and finish the laundry I've been putting off till it got warm enough for things to air dry in the house...I promise then, I'll write something interesting.

But right now, I'm just tired of wrestling with the invisible angels of cyberspace.  THE END

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  1. Welcome back. It's almost like having you with me, in the other room...


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