Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Humbly I Accept the Grapes of Consequence

Dear Friends 

A short and snappy little post today. I'm celebrating a whole onrush of produce from a good friend.  Man is she good: from her backyard garden she produced enough produce to donate 2000 pounds of fresh melon, grapes and vegetables to the Oregon Food Bank.  A ton of produce and still counting. . .

And I was a private beneficiary of the bounty.  The grapes of consequence are that I must be very busy about the opportunities when they come.  I must make jam or pickled beets or whatever is necessary when it arises.  I must apply for whatever job makes itself available, all on the spur of the moment.  I must mend, sew, can, babysit, pick up, deliver, assist, apply, and render whatever is Caesar this moment.

So, I am learning as I go.  And hence, my darlings, I spent the evening into the wee hours peeling these grapes.

Every moment is exquisite, sticky and history.  Every moment is real life.  Every moment is sacred.  The grapes of consequence are holy.

from your Claire

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  1. "Blessings on the flowers,
    Blessings on the roots,
    Blessings on the leaves and stems,
    Blessings on the fruits."
    --a Waldorf School grace
    And blessings on the localvore who reduces her families' carbon footprint with her labors of love and skill.
    from Isabelle


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