Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Time for the Crones to Come Out of the Closet!

Have you been hiding your age, only to see a close up photo of yourself and cringe?  I'm embarrassed to say, it has happened to me.  I am aging pretty fast, I have fair skin, and years of being allergic to sunscreen didn't help my skin stay young and smooth. But I am young at heart, even though they told me when I was a child I was an old soul.

I suggest we all come out of the closet about our faces, skin, figures and just enjoy life. It's hard to do, but let's try.  Those of you who are young, can you just shine a few feet away, so I don't go blind from the brilliance of your perfection?  There, we are a little more matte in appearance than the maidens, but we are lovely crones, wrinkles and all.  I thought I'd post some photos of old faces, including mine. Enjoy, and consider loving the photo that doesn't make you look "good,' when good means younger than you really are.

Love and tomatoes from the salty crone!  And hurray for our wise young hearts!

This is me on the right, with my beautiful daughter-in-law on the left 
(she's not a crone at all, but she has a wise heart!)


  1. I'm right with you - I'm Irish, fair skinned with auburn hair. Not allergic to sunscreen, but I never tan and always burn!

  2. Once I attended a "Croning Ceremony" where three ladies who had attained a certain age were celebrated for their wisdom, survival skills, and other attributes that come with experience. At the beginning they were escorted to rocking chairs, each was presented with a lovely shawl, and then their accomplishments and virtues were extolled. The "ceremony" was done with love and wonderful humor. Do you think this ceremony could catch on? from Isabelle

  3. Yes, anonymous cousin, I believe that crones deserve a ceremony just as much as brides and new mothers deserve showers and parties. Old age is hard work and a challenge, why not show some appreciation for those who are taking that wild ride?

  4. Lovely flirtatious photo of Grandma Moses, by the way. And such a nice photo of you and your d-i-l! I do admire your smooth and swan-like neck, despite all our talk of crones!
    from a nony mouse cousin called Isabelle

  5. Thanks, dear little mouse,
    I'm trying to elevate the word crone to a more positive connotation.


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