Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taqueria Bargains

The best lunch in the world for a starving artist are the $1.50 tostadas at the Tigard Taqueria (sigh, they closed my favorite Tres Hermanos).  They had veggie tacos and burritos that weren't half bad. In fact, eran muy rico.

For three dollars I can have lunch and they bring me chips and salsa.  One can dine adequately on less than two bucks.  For six dollars, I'd positively glut out!

Then the girls came in from the beauty school across the street and gave me a certificate good for three dollar haircuts for my whole family.  Too bad it's just Jaime and me these days.  But I'm going to need a haircut muy pronto.

Eso es.  
Es la verdad: 3 dollar haircuts.  Wonder if they're any good?

It's a little hard getting by without every going out or getting a haircut, so once again I'll say it: I love my dear old cheesy and all the bargains I find there.  Value Village, Goodwill, the tortilla factory, Winco and so much more. My survival is here, in the land of strip malls and grocerias. (Wish I could find the Spanish characters on my computer, sorry for the lack of accents!)

If you buy me lunch, I'll take you on the bargain tour!


  1. Thanks for the tip; nothing beats a good bargain! Ever been to the Union Gospel Mission Thrift Store in Tigard? Truly Amazing!

  2. Swoops, we should hit all the Tigard thrift stores this spring and spruce up our wardrobes, then have lunch!

    It would be like old times...


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