Friday, January 16, 2009


Just for today 
I am happy and hopeful. 
I found a "Help Wanted" sign in a little gift store window
and applied right away,
walked in the sunshine and imagined 
every good thing in the shop windows mine.

I smiled with my heart as I met people,
answering gently when a lost-looking woman 
interrupted my reading 
to ask about front tire of her fine new car 
Did it look flat? 
It didn't; I think she was lonely.  

I shopped carefully and painstakingly 
for groceries at the noisy discount store
bought chocolate chips on sale to save for a rainy day.
I was grateful for the groceries
sat down.
Praying I could be graceful
again tomorrow.


  1. I love how you write!

    I wish I was in the picture above.

  2. Dear Mary,
    Close your eyes and you can be!
    Virtuous Reality(:
    It's Silver Falls, Oregon...amazing place.

  3. A friend sent a link to a thoughtful commentary on today's economic unraveling, and I thought that you & Jim would find it interesting...

    Lynne Twist says:

    "Practices, ways of being with money, markets that are not based in true value any longer are starting to fall apart.

    If we can see that what's happening is a truing, is a recalibration, it helps us see how to deal with it on a personal basis."

    and more...


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